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Customer Email Verification 2.6.2

on May 12, 2024

$129.00 $5.50

Customer Email Verification Extension

The Customer Email Verification extension is a robust solution designed to enhance the security and authenticity of your online store. By implementing email verification at registration and checkout, this extension effectively reduces spam registrations and fake orders, ensuring a more streamlined and secure customer experience.

Why Use This Extension?

  • Prevent Account Registration Spam: Demand email verification for customers registering on your store or membership site, thwarting access for those with fake email addresses seeking trial access or merely browsing.
  • Combat Fake Orders: Validate emails before orders are placed, especially beneficial for digital products, memberships, and offerings like free trials, products, and samples.
  • Eliminate Bouncing Emails: Avoid undelivered “new account” and order emails caused by typos in email addresses. Delay new account emails until successful verification.
  • Customize Verification Workflow: Personalize and edit verification workflows, and customize the design of the verification popup overlay using a customizer with a live preview.
  • Efficient Management of Unverified Customers: Easily verify or resend verification emails from the users admin. Schedule auto-deletion of unverified customers after a specified time from account creation.

Email Verification for New Customer Accounts

  1. Registration Process:
    • Customer registers, creating an account flagged as Unverified Email.
    • Verification code and link sent to customer’s email.
    • Verification via link or popup entry required.
    • Verified accounts flagged as Verified Email.

Customer Email Verification Before Checkout

  1. Guest Checkout:
    • Guest customers must verify email before proceeding to Checkout.
    • Verification code and link sent to customer’s email.
    • Access to account restricted until verification is complete.
    • Redirect to checkout page upon verification.
    • Automatic verification for accounts created during checkout.

What’s Included

  • Email Verification for New Accounts: Require verification during account registration.
  • Email Verification on Checkout: Mandatory for Guest Checkout, with options to disable checkout until verification is complete.
  • Verification for Free Orders Only: Apply verification specifically for free orders.
  • Automatic Account Email Verification: Apply the process to users opening accounts during checkout.
  • Checkout Verification Type: Choose between popup overlay or inline verification on the checkout page.
  • First Log-in without Verification: Allow first-time login without verification; subsequent logins require verification.
  • Successful Verification Redirect: Redirect customers to any page post successful email verification.
  • Skip Email Verification: Skip verification for selected user roles.
  • Fully Customize the Verification Process: Tailor the verification pop-up overlay and email using the Customizer with live preview.
  • Manage Unverified Customers: Admins can manually verify, un-verify, and resend verification emails.
  • Delay New-Account Email: Delay WooCommerce New Account email until successful verification.
  • Re-verify Customer Email Address: Re-verification required for updated email addresses.
  • Verification Expiration: Set expiration time for verification code/email.
  • Limit Resend: Restrict the number of times users can resend verification emails.
  • Bulk Actions Menu (Admin Users List): Verify and resend options available on the users list admin.
  • Bulk Resend: Resend verification emails to all unverified users.
  • Bulk Auto-Delete Unverified Users: Automatically delete customer accounts that haven’t verified email addresses within a specified time.

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