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CTX Feed Pro 7.3.16 (Activated)– WooCommerce Product Feed Generator

on May 14, 2024

$119.00 $6.90

CTX Feed Pro: Optimize, Automate, and Expand Your WooCommerce Product Feeds

Supercharge your WooCommerce store with CTX Feed Pro, the ultimate product feed manager plugin that transforms your product listings into optimized, error-free feeds for seamless integration with multiple channels. Unlock profitable features that enhance product information, filter unoptimized products, and keep your data updated across various platforms automatically.

Key Features

Influence Customer Decisions

  • Optimized Product Titles: Increase your conversion rate by 250% with optimized product titles that highlight relevant information, helping customers make informed decisions.
  • Dynamic Attributes: Join multiple product attributes like color, size, brand, dimension, weight, etc., with or without separators, providing a comprehensive view of your products.

Meet Any Requirements

  • Dynamic Attributes: Quickly meet diverse channel requirements by dynamically enhancing product information or filling gaps in your product data.

Reduce Ads Cost (Filter)

  • Filter Unoptimized Products: Save money on ad costs by filtering out unoptimized products with incomplete information, ensuring a better user experience for potential customers.

Industry Experts Support Team

  • Expert Support: Access a team of industry experts with in-depth knowledge of CTX product feed for WooCommerce. They are ready to assist you on various channels, ensuring a smooth experience.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Conditional Price Adjustments: Conditionally increase or decrease product prices for specific marketing channels with the dynamic pricing feature.

String Replace

  • Adapt to Channel Requirements: Use string replace to seamlessly adapt your product information to different channel requirements, ensuring compatibility with various platforms like Google Shopping.

Number Format

  • Flexible Number Formatting: Define product prices according to your preferred number format, accommodating different merchant center requirements.

Smart Filter

  • Exclude Unwanted Products: Use the smart filter option to exclude products missing descriptions, images, or prices, ensuring a refined and high-quality product feed.

Advanced Filter

  • Conditional Filtering: Exclude or include products based on profitability, seasonality, user ratings, and other attributes, allowing for advanced and flexible filtering.


  • Powerful Variation Handling: Efficiently manage product variations by choosing specific options like variable products, default variations, or combinations of both.

Auto Update

  • Scheduled Data Feed Updates: Automate the updating process with scheduled data feed updates, saving time and ensuring your product data is always up-to-date across channels.

Expand Globally (Multi-Language)

  • Multilingual Product Feeds: Reach a global audience by creating multilingual product feeds compatible with popular plugins like WPML, PolyLang & TranslatePress.


  • Currency-Specific Feeds: Easily create product feeds for specific currencies, ideal for stores with multi-currency features.

Multi Vendor

  • Vendor-Specific Feeds: Generate product feeds for multiple vendors effortlessly, supporting all popular multi-vendor plugins.

Optimize, automate, and expand your WooCommerce store with CTX Feed Pro. Elevate your product feed management and provide a seamless experience for both customers and marketing channels. Download CTX Feed Pro now and take control of your product feeds like never before.

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