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Client Portal v5.0.1 – Project Management on WordPress

on May 1, 2024


Set yourself apart from your competitors by giving your customers a professional, organized client portal.

Portals for your clients that look great, run smoothly, and professionalize your projects

Check out these sample portals to see how the magic happens.


Unlimited portals per client

Get a lot of repeat work? Nice one! You can have a different portal for every project type and your client can have as many portals as they need.

Organize your projects

Clients aren’t always the most organized – but you can be! Keep everything all invoices, receipts, paperwork, and deliverables together.

Keep clients in the loop

Let your clients know when the portal has been updated with notifications. You can also receive notifications when a client has made a change.


Keep parents informed

Give parents a place to access all the information they may need from school term dates, important announcements, and events.

Store forms, waivers, and contracts

Need parents to fill out a form or waiver? Keep them in your portal so they can access them anytime. No more “I lost the form!” excuses.

Embed event calendars

Easily embed a Google, Outlook, and many other calendars to keep everyone up to date about the events going on at your school.

Law Firm

Keep files and portals secure

Keep confidental information secure with our private file uploads and portals. Nobody but you and your client can see the contents.

Keep paperwork organized

No more sending zip files full of PDF’s as email attachments. Keep everything neat and organized in your portal.

A better experience for your clients

Stand out from other law firms by giving your clients easy to access documents and helpful supporting information.


Unlimited portals per client

Have a separate portal for each accounting period to keep things neat and easily accessible for your long-term clients.

Help your clients to help you

Provide tips, tricks, checklists, and answers to frequently asked questions to help your clients prepare their books properly.

Show the status of their returns

Easily see the current status of their return along with the filing year and deadline at the top of every portal.


Keep your clients on track

Clients are busy. Give them everything they need in one, easily accessible place so they don’t lose momentum.

Be referral-worthy

Give your clients a 5-star experience with their very own portal and get those all important referrals.

Embed training videos

Embed useful training videos into your portal so you don’t need to keep rehashing the same info again and again.

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