Calendarize it! for WordPress

Calendarize it! for WordPress v4.9.996.101096 Download

on December 16, 2023


Calendarize it! is a flexible and feature-rich calendar solution for WordPress. The plugin offers multiple different views like Month View, Week View, Day View, Event List View, Event Grid View, Event Map View, and Event Year View. As well as multiple different widgets like the Upcoming Events Widget, Accordion Upcoming Events Widget, and the FLAT UI Calendar Widget. You can easily customize the navigation of the Month View, Week View, Day View, Event List View, Event Grid View, Event Map View, and Year View.

Calendarize it! 4.9.x is optimized for the new Block Editor (Gutenberg) a part of WordPress since the release of WordPress 5.x. However, you can still use Calendarize it! with the Classic Editor. The latest version is also compatible with WordPress 5.6.

Calendarize it! also supports WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). We offer 39 elements that make it easy for you to build your templates. If you do not have WPBakery Page Builder you can use Calendarize it! with any other popular page and layout builder by using our shortcode and the vast number of attributes.

With the CSS Editor, you can choose between more than 800 Google Fonts. You can easily change the styles and colors of all elements in the Calendar. We have ten pre-built color schemes that can help you get started.

Please notice that you download both free and premium paid add-ons from within the wp-admin on the website where you have installed Calendarize it!

Plugin Addons:

  • cocalendarize-it-for-wordpress-4.9.996.101096
  • calendarize-it-accordion-widget v1.3.1.84750
  • calendarize-it-advent v1.0.2.75185
  • calendarize-it-advertising v1.0.6.58717
  • calendarize-it-agenda-no-vscroll v1.0.0
  • calendarize-it-author-filter v1.0.4.83897
  • calendarize-it-backend-options v1.0.6.75448
  • calendarize-it-community-events v1.8.0.10196
  • calendarize-it-custom-button v1.0.8.81105
  • calendarize-it-editor v1.7.5.93047
  • calendarize-it-events-in-blogroll v1.0.4.80558
  • calendarize-it-events-link-to v1.0.5.96588
  • calendarize-it-events-year-view v1.1.0.98301
  • calendarize-it-event-taxonomy-counter v1.0.7.88448
  • calendarize-it-featured-image-in-detail-box v 1.0.0
  • calendarize-it-flat-ui-widgets v1.1.0.83423
  • calendarize-it-gmap-view v1.2.7.78905
  • calendarize-it-help v1.5.6.82129
  • calendarize-it-importer v1.0.5.81966
  • calendarize-it-map-styles v1.0.0.64502
  • calendarize-it-next-upcoming v1.0.7.93382
  • calendarize-it-payment-options v2.0.3.79957
  • calendarize-it-profile v1.1.5.87193
  • calendarize-it-ratings-and-reviews v1.1.7.86961
  • calendarize-it-social-panels v1.0.7.75330
  • calendarize-it-sources v1.6.5.97981
  • calendarize-it-taxonomies v1.2.0.85388
  • calendarize-it-taxonomy-by-user-role v1.0.3.86760
  • calendarize-it-taxonomy-dropdown v1.0.2.77381
  • calendarize-it-taxonomy-event-color v1.1.6.86830
  • calendarize-it-taxonomy-images v1.0.4.75071
  • calendarize-it-taxonomy-labels v1.0.1.77505
  • calendarize-it-timetable v1.0.1.83146

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