buddypress user circles

BuddyPress User Circles v1.3.1

on February 21, 2024


BuddyCircles: Enhancing BuddyPress with User Circles

BuddyCircles is an invaluable add-on for BuddyPress, designed to enrich the user experience by allowing individuals to create customized lists of users, such as Family, Close Friends, Colleagues, and more.


  1. User-Created Circles:
    • Empowers users to create circles or lists of users based on their preferences and relationships.
  2. Activity Filtering:
    • Enables users to filter activity feeds based on their created circles, streamlining content based on relationships.
  3. Circle Notifications:
    • Facilitates notifications related to circle activities, keeping users informed and engaged.

Admin Features:

  1. Role-Based Circle Creation Limit:
    • Admins can limit the creation of circles based on user roles, providing control over the feature’s accessibility.
  2. Tab Management:
    • Configure whether circles appear as top-level tabs or are managed within the friends component.
  3. Circle Membership Restrictions:
    • Admins can specify who can be added to circles, restricting it to friends or allowing all members.
  4. Privacy Controls:
    • Admins have control over circle privacy settings, enhancing the overall management of user relationships.
  5. Default Circles for New Members:
    • Automatically create default circles for newly registered members, streamlining the onboarding process.
  6. Notification Control:
    • Admins can control notifications for adding or removing users from circles, ensuring a tailored communication experience.
  7. Customizable Notification Emails:
    • Tailor notification emails to match the site’s branding and communication style.

BuddyCircles proves to be a valuable asset when you want users to have the flexibility to create multiple lists of users and actively follow their activities within the BuddyPress community.

Social Subscribe Box: Simplifying Newsletter Subscriptions and Social Links

Social Subscribe Box is a delightful WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of allowing users to subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter directly on your site. Additionally, it supports linking to your social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.


  1. Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription:
    • Seamlessly integrates Mailchimp subscription functionality for a streamlined newsletter sign-up process.
  2. Social Profile Links:
    • Provides social profile links for popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  3. Customizable Behavior and Appearance:
    • Enjoy complete control over the plugin’s behavior and appearance, including options for slideout box behavior and appearance customization.
  4. Simple, Lightweight, and Fun:
    • Prioritizes simplicity, lightweight design, and an enjoyable user experience, ensuring ease of use and minimal bloat.

The creators of Social Subscribe Box believe in simplicity, lightweight design, and an enjoyable user experience, evident in the plugin’s streamlined functionality. Experience its simplicity in action on this site.

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