Brave WordPress Growth Conversion Engine

Brave WordPress Popup Builder Pro 0.7.0

on June 14, 2024

$59.00 $5.60

Unlock the Power of Visitor Conversion with 200+ Conversion Widgets

Revolutionize your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers with Brave, the all-in-one visitor conversion engine for WordPress. Say goodbye to expensive, underperforming conversion tools and say hello to 20 different conversion tools that can supercharge your website while saving you money and reducing page load times.

Supercharge Lead Collection

Grow your subscribers exponentially with Brave’s advanced opt-in features, such as Social Opt-in, Content Locking, Advanced Email Validation, Custom Field Mapping, Welcome Emails, Analytics, and more. With these tools, you can capture up to 700% more leads and watch your user acquisition soar.

Boost your sales by up to 300% with powerful sales growth tools, including Sales Popups, Slide-Ins, and Woocommerce Up-sell & Cross-sell features. Brave’s Evergreen countdown timer creates a sense of urgency for visitors, increasing the likelihood of purchases by 10x. Don’t let potential sales slip away with Cart Abandonment Popups, and showcase trust and credibility with Reviews & Testimonials Widgets.

Connect Seamlessly with Visitors

Enhance visitor engagement with survey and feedback widgets that make collecting feedback a breeze. Brave’s advanced multi-step survey widgets target the right users at the right time, enabling you to gather valuable feedback effortlessly. Additionally, Contact Widgets and Social Chat Initiators help you build strong connections with your audience.

Accelerate Your Social Presence

If growing your social media following is a challenge, Brave offers Social Follow Widgets that put your social growth on autopilot. Combine these with the Dynamic Text feature to encourage your audience to like or follow you, resulting in a higher conversion rate. You can also take advantage of Social Share Widgets to amplify your content’s reach.

Discover the full potential of your website and maximize visitor conversion with Brave’s arsenal of 200+ powerful conversion widgets. It’s time to supercharge your online presence and achieve outstanding results.

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