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on February 19, 2024


Booking Property Availability Checker for Elementor: Optimize Bookings and Revenue for Property Owners

Designed specifically for property owners using, the Booking Property Availability Checker is a powerful Elementor forms builder aimed at boosting revenue and guest bookings for live locations. If you are a Booking host, this plugin is tailored to enhance your website by adding well-designed forms, ultimately driving more bookings and increasing property traffic.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored for Property Owners:
    • Crafted specifically for the needs of property owners, providing essential tools to optimize bookings and revenue.
  2. Revenue Boost:
    • Increase your earnings from property bookings by leveraging the features of this plugin.
  3. Elementor Page Builder Compatibility:
    • Seamlessly integrates with Elementor Page Builder, a popular and user-friendly page building tool.
  4. Theme Compatibility:
    • Compatible with any theme, ensuring flexibility and ease of integration with your existing website design.
  5. Easy Installation & Setup:
    • Simple and straightforward installation process, making it accessible for users at any skill level.
  6. User-Friendly Options:
    • Easy-to-use options and settings for quick customization according to your preferences.
  7. Full Translatability:
    • Translatable into any language, catering to a global audience and enhancing accessibility.
  8. Dedicated Help Team:
    • Access support from a dedicated help team, ensuring assistance and guidance when needed.
  9. Well Documented:
    • Comprehensive online documentation available for reference, making the setup and usage process clear and straightforward.
  10. More Features Coming Soon:
    • Continuous updates and enhancements, with the promise of additional features to further elevate your property booking experience.

How It Works:

  1. Suitable for Property Owners:
    • Tailored for property owners, providing a specialized solution for optimizing bookings and revenue.
  2. Easy Installation:
    • Install the plugin on your Elementor-based website effortlessly.
  3. Import Demo Content (Optional):
    • Use demo pages by importing the content.xml from the demo-data directory for a quick start.
  4. Create Booking Forms:
    • Start creating customized booking forms on any Elementor-based page, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.
  5. Versatile Usage:
    • Utilize the plugin anywhere on your website by incorporating it as a shortcode.
  6. Share and Promote:
    • Share your pages across social media platforms or boost visibility through ads to reach a wider audience.
  7. Optimize Earnings:
    • Witness an increase in bookings and revenue as you optimize your property website with enhanced forms and functionalities.

Note: More features are expected to be added soon, ensuring continuous improvement and added value to the plugin.

Elevate your property booking website with Booking Property Availability Checker for Elementor. Start optimizing your bookings and revenue today!

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