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Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO v5.0.1 [Wpruby]

on February 18, 2024


Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO Overview:

The Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO is a feature-rich plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, providing extensive shipping capabilities for both domestic and international orders. This plugin caters to various shipping needs, offering support for a wide range of Australia Post shipping options, handling fees, discounts, and additional services.

Key Features:

  1. Domestic Shipping:
    • Supports domestic shipping options such as Regular Post, Express Post, and Courier Post.
    • Allows enabling/disabling of individual shipping options based on merchant preferences.
  2. Default Size and Weight:
    • Provides the option to set default weight and dimensions for products in case this information is missing.
  3. Debug Mode:
    • Offers a debug mode for testing and troubleshooting plugin settings and shipping prices.
  4. Delivery Time Estimation:
    • Displays an estimated delivery time on Cart/Checkout pages for a professional look.
  5. International Shipping:
    • Supports various international shipping options, including Economy Air, Standard International, Express International, and more.
  6. Custom Boxes:
    • Enables the addition of custom shipping boxes to ensure accurate shipping price calculations.
  7. Custom Titles:
    • Allows customization of shipping option titles for better presentation on Cart/Checkout pages.
  8. Shipping Tracking:
    • Provides Australia Post tracking numbers on the order page, order emails, and customer accounts.
  9. Prepaid Domestic Shipping:
    • Supports prepaid domestic satchels, including Regular Post, Express Post, and Courier Post options.
  10. Letters Shipping:
    • Facilitates shipping of small-sized items with options for both domestic and international letters.
  11. Courier Shipping:
    • Supports Courier shipping for same-day delivery within metropolitan locations.
  12. Handling Fees and Discounts:
    • Offers options to add handling fees or provide discounts on shipping costs.
  13. Extra Cover:
    • Provides the option to enable Extra Cover for compensation in case of lost or damaged items.
  14. Signature on Delivery:
    • Enables the Signature on Delivery option for added security.
  15. Separate Extra Services:
    • Allows customers to choose Extra Cover or Signature on Delivery with their orders.
  16. Display Cheapest Options:
    • Streamlines the customer experience by displaying the cheapest shipping option.
  17. Contracted Prices (Labels Pro Version):
    • Supports contracted prices for users with Australia Post Business accounts or MyPost Business accounts.
  18. Shipping Labels (Labels Pro Version):
    • Allows users to download shipping labels directly from the Order page and supports printing multiple labels for one order.
  19. Live Tracking (Labels Pro Version):
    • Displays live tracking events on the customer account page and order page in the admin area.

Conclusion: The Australia Post WooCommerce Extension PRO is a comprehensive shipping solution for WooCommerce, catering to both domestic and international shipping needs. With its extensive features, this plugin ensures flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in managing shipping options and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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