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ARForms 6.6 + All Addons Pack [Addons Updated] [Activated]

on May 15, 2024

$39.00 $5.70

ARForms: The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Are you looking for a feature-rich WordPress form builder plugin to create stunning and functional forms for your website? Look no further. ARForms is the top-selling WordPress form builder plugin of 2023, and it’s here to revolutionize the way you create forms. Whether you need a simple contact form, advanced forms, multi-step forms, cost estimator forms, or newsletter popups, ARForms has got you covered. Here’s why ARForms stands out:


  • arforms-wordpress-form-builder-plugin v6.6
  • arforms-sms-1.8
  • arforms-stripe-2.7
  • arforms-users-signup-2.5
  • arforms-digital-product-2.0
  • arforms-signature-2.3
  • arforms-my-mail-2.5
  • arforms-paypal-2.5
  • arforms-pdf-creator-3.8
  • arforms-post-creator-1.7

Better Looking & More Powerful:

ARForms has undergone a complete makeover with a brand new user interface that offers a real-time experience. It’s packed with powerful features, enabling you to create and process forms quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Column & Resizable:

ARForms offers a fully-featured multi-column layout with the flexibility to resize columns by dragging the border between fields. Create beautiful, responsive forms effortlessly.

32 Form Elements:

With 32 different form elements at your disposal, you can build forms of all kinds. Choose from material, rounded, or standard styles to match your website’s design.

Fully Responsive:

Enjoy elegant, fully responsive forms out of the box. ARForms generates clean and streamlined HTML, ensuring your forms look great on all devices.

Built-In Popups:

No need to purchase a separate popup plugin—ARForms comes with built-in popup forms. Choose from various popup options, such as fly-in, sticky, or on page load.

Multi-Step Forms:

Create complex multi-step or survey-style forms with ease. Use tabs/steps or a progress bar to guide users through the form completion process.

Survey Forms with Auto-Save:

ARForms offers auto-save functionality for survey forms, allowing users to save partially filled information automatically. No more data loss!

Repeatable Form Fields:

The repeatable form field feature is a game-changer. You can set any field or group of fields to be repeatable a finite or infinite number of times.

Popup Forms from Navigation Menu:

Enhance the user experience by setting popup forms to open when users click on items in your top navigation menu. No additional plugins needed.

Custom Images for Radio & Checkbox:

You can now use custom images or icons as radio buttons or checkboxes, giving your forms a unique and visually appealing look.

Enhanced Conditional Logic:

ARForms includes enhanced conditional logic for setting conditions on form fields. Show/hide, enable/disable, or prepopulate fields based on user inputs without any coding knowledge.

Math Logic:

Perform calculations within your forms based on user input. Calculate totals, averages, and more without writing code.

Form Submission Actions:

ARForms offers four different types of form submission actions, including form confirmation/summary on submit, making it easier for users to review their submissions.

Email Marketing Ready:

Integrate ARForms with 13 popular email marketing systems to build your subscriber list and keep in touch with your audience. Seamless integration with Mailchimp is also available.

Email Notifications:

Automatically send email notifications to admin and specified user email addresses upon form submission. Use shortcodes to pull dynamic values from form fields for tailored notifications.

Multi-Language & RTL Support:

ARForms is fully compatible with WPML, making it translatable into any language. It includes 12 pre-converted translations for easy localization.

Readymade Form Templates:

Access over 50 pre-built form samples for free, ready to install with a single click. Use them on your website instantly.

Powerful Analytics:

Track your forms’ activity with vibrant graphs, charts, and a world map to show the geographical distribution of form submissions.

Discover the next era in WordPress form building with ARForms. Create beautiful, functional forms that elevate your website’s user experience. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, ARForms is a must-have plugin for your WordPress site in 2023.

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