alpha insights intelligent profit reports for woocommerce

Alpha Insights (v1.20.0) Intelligent Profit Reports for Woocommerce 

on December 8, 2023


Alpha Insights: Elevate Your WooCommerce Store with Comprehensive Profit Reports

Alpha Insights is a feature-rich WooCommerce plugin designed to provide detailed and insightful reports to help you manage and optimize your online store effectively. Whether you’re looking to increase profits, reduce costs, or save time, Alpha Insights has you covered with a wide range of powerful features.

Key Features of Alpha Insights:

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Reports:

  • Profit By Order Dashboard: Keep a close eye on your business’s performance with order profit reports.
  • Order Profit Reports: Get detailed breakdowns of order costs, most profitable orders, payment gateway performance, and more.

Product Profit Reports:

  • Top Sellers By Profit: Identify and focus on your most profitable products.
  • Profit By Product Type: Analyze profits based on product categories.
  • WooCommerce Product Profit Reports: Gain insights into your product performance with detailed reports.

Customer Profit Reports:

  • Average Customer Lifetime Value: Understand the true profit generated by your customers.
  • Most Profitable Country/Region/Devices: Identify the geographic and demographic areas that contribute most to your profits.

Acquisition/Campaign Reports:

  • Sales Breakdown By Acquisition Channel: Discover the profitability of different marketing and sales channels.
  • Top Performing UTM Tracking Codes: Analyze the performance of your UTM tracking codes.

WooCommerce Subscription Reports:

  • Total Renewals Per Subscription: Understand the renewal patterns of your subscriptions.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Get insights into your revenue projections.

Coupon Reports:

  • Overview of Coupon Usage: Analyze the performance of your coupons.
  • Total Coupon Discounts Applied: Understand the impact of coupon discounts on your profits.

Bulk Updating & Importing Cost of Goods:

  • Simple Cost Of Goods Importing & Updating: Quickly set up your cost of goods by uploading a CSV file or copying data from another plugin.

WooCommerce Expense Reports:

  • Expense Tracking & Reports: Keep track of your business expenses with detailed reports.

Profit & Loss Statements:

  • Profit & Loss Statement: Get an instant snapshot of your store’s bottom line.

WooCommerce Inventory Reports:

  • Stock Valuation & Inventory Reports: Manage and analyze your product inventory effectively.

Export to CSV & PDF:

  • Export any report to CSV or PDF: Take your analysis one step further by exporting reports.

Schedule & Customize Emails:

  • Schedule & Customize Emails: Receive personalized email reports directly to your inbox on a schedule that suits you.

Multi-Currency Conversion:

  • Supports All WooCommerce Currencies: Alpha Insights supports multi-currency plugins and multi-currency orders, ensuring compatibility with various currencies.

WooCommerce Integrations:

  • Webhook Integrations: Integrate with thousands of apps and automate your workflow with webhook support.

Enhance your WooCommerce store’s performance, uncover hidden insights, and make data-driven decisions with Alpha Insights. Elevate your store management to a new level with detailed profit reports and analytics.

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