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AI Engine Pro 2.3.8 The AI Plugin for WordPress

on June 11, 2024

$49.00 $5.60

AI Engine Pro: Empower Your Website with AI-Powered Features

Revolutionize your website with AI Engine Pro, your all-in-one AI solution. Experience the capabilities of creating chatbots, generating content and images, and accessing an AI playground right from your WordPress platform. Here’s what you can achieve:

1. Chatbot (GPT-like) Enhance your website with a chatbot, with features like an images bot, shortcode builder, and endless customization options.

2. Content & Images Generator Generate fresh, engaging content and images for your website.

3. AI Playground Access a variety of tools, including translation, correction, and discussions, all powered by AI.

4. Templates System Create your own templates for the AI Playground, Content or Image Generator, making your workflow more efficient.

5. AI Copilot Leverage AI directly from your editor for seamless content creation.

6. Train your AI Edit your datasets, train AI models, and manage fine-tuned models effortlessly with a user-friendly UI.

7. Casually Fine-Tuned Simplify AI training and model integration with the “Casually Fine-Tuned” feature.

8. Quick Suggestions Receive one-click recommendations and apply them instantly for titles, excerpts, and more.

9. Internal API Utilize the AI Engine API to gather insights and statistics in one convenient location.

10. AI Forms Create dynamic forms that generate AI-powered answers.

11. Embeddings Manually or dynamically create a knowledge index for the AI to use when constructing responses.

12. Content-Aware The chatbot can analyze and engage with the content of the current page, enhancing the user experience.

13. Statistics & Limits Keep track of every AI request, gather statistics, and set usage limits and conditions for AI utilization.

With AI Engine Pro, you can supercharge your website with AI capabilities, making it smarter, more interactive, and efficient.

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