advanced local pickup for woocommerce

Advanced Local Pickup PRO v1.7.0

on January 30, 2024

$129.00 $5.50

Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce

Enhance your WooCommerce store’s local pickup capabilities with the Advanced Local Pickup (ALP) plugin. This tool extends the functionality of the WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method, streamlining the local pickup fulfillment process. ALP empowers you to establish multiple pickup locations, configure per-item pickups, manage product availability by location, enforce local pickup, schedule pickup appointments, and more!

Create an Optimized Local Pickup Fulfillment Workflow

Utilize Custom Order Statuses to effectively manage your local pickup orders. Designate “Ready for Pickup” for orders available for pickup and “Picked Up” for those already collected.

Display Pickup Instructions During Checkout

Ensure a smooth pickup experience by displaying instructions on the order received page, the order view page, and in processing order emails.

Notify Customers When Orders are Ready for Pickup

Send order confirmation emails with pickup instructions once orders are ready. Optionally, notify customers post-pickup for added convenience.

Customize Pickup Instructions Display

Tailor pickup instructions by configuring location addresses, work hours, and special instructions. Achieve a personalized display using a live preview with the customizer.

Split Work Hours

Efficiently manage pickup location work hours by creating morning and afternoon time slots. For example, set Monday availability from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm.

Multiple Pickup Locations

Establish and customize multiple pickup locations. Choose which products or categories are included or excluded for each location.

Local Pickup Appointments

Define your availability schedule and time slots. Allow customers to select a preferred date and time for order pickup.

Show Local Pickup Availability Messages

Enhance the shopping experience by displaying custom local pickup messages on product pages, in the cart, and during checkout.

Force Local Pickup

Enforce local pickup for specific products or categories, showcasing custom messages on product, cart, and order received pages.

Allow Local Pickup and Other Shipping Methods on the Same Order

Enable customers to choose between shipping and pickup for different items within the same order, providing flexibility in handling methods.

Apply Discounts or Fees for Local Pickup Orders

Offer incentives or apply fees for selecting specific pickup locations during checkout. Choose between fixed amounts or percentages for discounts or fees.

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  • Price

    $129.00 $5.50

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    May 12, 2024