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Advanced Ads Pro v2.26.1 + Addons

on May 10, 2024


Optimize Your Ads with the Best WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for the ultimate solution to manage your ads effectively on your WordPress website? Look no further! Our WordPress Advertising Plugin, Advanced Ads, offers a range of powerful features designed to supercharge your ad management and boost your revenue. Here are the top features and reasons why it’s a must-have tool for website owners and advertisers:

Top Features

  1. Unlimited Ads: With Advanced Ads, you can manage and display an unlimited number of ads, rotations, and placements, giving you the freedom to monetize your website as you see fit.
  2. Flexible Ad Types: Whether you use ad networks, static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or shortcodes, our plugin supports them all. You have the flexibility to choose the ad types that work best for your site.
  3. Powerful Targeting: Target specific user groups and pages on your website to deliver the best-performing call-to-actions, ensuring your ads reach the right audience.
  4. Schedule Ads: Plan your ad campaigns with start and expiry dates and times, making it easy to automate your ad management.
  5. For Fast Websites: Advanced Ads is compatible with any caching solution and offers optional lazy loading, ensuring that your website remains lightning-fast, even with ad integrations.
  6. Real-time Stats: Monitor impressions and clicks in your WordPress dashboard or integrate with Google Analytics for comprehensive metrics to fine-tune your ad strategy.
  7. Shareable Reports: Easily send reports to your clients or colleagues via email or shareable links, providing transparency and insights into your ad performance.
  8. AdSense and GAM Integration: Import AdSense and Google Ad Manager ad units seamlessly without the need for manual code copying and pasting.
  9. A/B Testing: Optimize your ad units by rotating ads and placements to find the best-performing configurations, increasing your revenue potential.
  10. Fight Ad Blindness: Combat ad blindness by using ad rotations and random paragraphs to capture the attention of your audience effectively.
  11. Secure Your Accounts: Enjoy the peace of mind with Click Fraud Protection and AdSense warnings that help you safeguard your accounts from potential violations.
  12. Integration Made Easy: Advanced Ads offers pre-defined integrations for popular membership plugins and themes. You can also build your own integrations using over 100 hooks for maximum customization.
  • advanced-ads-pro 2.26.1
  • advanced-ads.1.47.5
  • advanced-ads-google-ad-manager-intergration 2.4.0
  • advanced-ads-geo-1.3.3
  • advanced-ads-layer 1.7.8
  • advanced-ads-responsive 1.12.1
  • advanced-ads-selling 1.4.1
  • advanced-ads-slider-1.4.10
  • advanced-ads-sticky-ads 1.8.5
  • advanced-ads-tracking 2.7.1

Top 5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Advanced Ads

  1. Quick Ad Setup: Display an ad in under 1 minute with our user-friendly plugin. Pre-defined ad types make ad creation a breeze, and automatic placements ensure your banners appear effortlessly.
  2. Powerful Insights: Access in-depth reports on ad impressions and clicks to identify top-performing ads and gain credibility with advertising clients. Use Google Analytics integration for even more insights.
  3. No Coding Required: Advanced Ads provides pre-defined placements that allow you to display ads exactly where you want them, without the need for coding. Fine-tune placements with various conditions for a better user experience.
  4. Revenue-Boosting Layouts: Choose from various layouts like ad grids or sliders to maximize your revenue potential. Monetize positions that were previously unavailable without coding, and conduct A/B split testing to identify the best setup.
  5. Expert Support: Benefit from the experience of a team that has managed over 100 million monthly ad impressions. Access over 100 tutorials on our website or reach out to our priority email support for the solutions you need.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your ad management and optimize your revenue. Try Advanced Ads today, and experience the difference it can make for your WordPress website.

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