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Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) Pro 7.0.3

on June 11, 2024

$19.00 $5.00

Unlocking WordPress Potential with Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) Plugin

Experience a seamless and efficient WordPress admin experience with the Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) plugin. This modular and lightweight solution streamlines various admin workflows and enhances crucial site aspects. Say goodbye to juggling multiple plugins – ASE consolidates tasks, saving you valuable time and effort.

Features of ASE Plugin

Custom Content Types

Maximize WordPress as a content management system by leveraging custom content types.

  • Custom Post Types: Move beyond standard pages and posts by effortlessly creating and managing custom post types.
  • Custom Taxonomies: Customize how you group custom post types, going beyond the limitations of categories and tags.
  • Custom Field Groups: Effectively manage complex post type data, inclusive of repeater and relationship fields.

Admin Columns Manager

Effortlessly manage a diverse array of custom content types with insightful overviews.

  • Organize Columns and Set Widths: Tailor data columns and their widths in overview tables to suit your preferences.
  • Display Custom Fields Data: Showcase custom field data, including repeater and relationship fields, for each post type.
  • Horizontal Scroll Auto-Enabled: Enjoy seamless navigation when column widths exceed default data table limits.

Admin Menu Organizer

Take charge of your admin menu items and streamline your navigation.

  • Always Hide for User Roles: Opt to permanently hide specific menu items for all or selected user roles.
  • Rearrange Sub-Menu Items: Conveniently organize sub-menu items, ideal for menus with extensive sub-options.

Media Categories

Enhance your media management workflow with a user-friendly categorization system.

  • Drag and Drop Categorization: Easily categorize media library items through bulk select and intuitive drag-and-drop actions.
  • Direct Upload to Any Category: Select a category and upload files directly into it during grid view or the Add New screen.
  • Filter by Category During Insertion: Put categorization to work when inserting media items into content.

Image Upload Control WebP Conversion

Make a smart choice for image uploads by converting them to WebP format.

  • Smaller File Size: Enjoy 25-34% smaller file sizes compared to JPEG, improving page speed and SEO.
  • Improve Page Speed and SEO: Faster load times and better SEO for your website with reduced image file sizes.
  • Near-Universal Browser Support: WebP is supported by over 97% of modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Code Snippets Manager

Effortlessly manage CSS, JS, HTML, and PHP code snippets to customize your site’s content, design, behavior, and functionalities.

  • Capable Code Editor: Utilize CodeMirror with syntax highlighting, code folding, search-replace, and fullscreen view.
  • Code Placement and Loading Options: Flexibility to load code from a file or inline, in the <head>, <body>, or <footer>, for frontend, admin, and/or login sections.
  • Automatic Safe Mode Activation: Ensure your site stays operational even if a PHP snippet produces a fatal error.

Export / Import ASE Settings

Seamlessly transfer your preferred ASE settings to other sites with ease. This feature is available on the Team and Agency plans of ASE Pro.

Enhance your WordPress experience, optimize workflows, and elevate your site’s functionality with the Admin and Site Enhancements plugin. Unlock the true potential of your website effortlessly.

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