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Accordions Pro v.1.0.7 [PickPlugins]

on May 28, 2023


Accordions is pure HTML & CSS3 responsive Accordion plugin WordPress. By this plugin, you can display unlimited accordion at same page via short-code. Mostly work with every page build that supports displaying shortcode under content widgets.

All Features

Here is all features list available on this item.

Content Custom Style

You can customize the content style as follows

  • Text color.
  • Font family.
  • Font size.
  • Background color.
  • Content background color with opacity.
  • Content padding.
  • Content margin.

Header Custom Style

You can customize the header style as follows

  • Background color with opacity.
  • Active background color.
  • Header background image.
  • Text color.
  • Text color on hover
  • Text font family.
  • Text font size.
  • Header padding.
  • Header margin.

Container Style

You can customize the container style as follows

  • Text align.
  • Content background color & background image.
  • Container padding.

Icons Style

You can customize the icons style as follows

  • Icons color.
  • Icons hover color
  • Icons font size.
  • Icons background color.
  • Icons padding.
  • Icons position left or right.
  • Custom icons by icon font, like font awesome.

Multi Icons for Accordion Header

You can set custom icons for each header for default stat and hover stat.

Lazy Load

You can enable lazy load for the accordions.

[PRO] Vertical Tabs

By accordions you can create vertical tabs.

Duplicate Accordion

For the speed up the creating accordion, you can just duplicate existing accordion so it will copy all style from old accordion and applied on new accordion.

WooCommerce QA Tab

You can set accoridon to your any WooCommerce product as tab with custom tab header, like you can use accoridons as FAQ tab for any product.

Translation Ready

Accordions are fully translation ready, you can translate in your languages, please contact our support if you need any help to translate.

3rd Party Plugin Compatibility

Accordions are compatible with most popular page builder plugin, here is a short list, but it also should work others page builder or 3rd party plugin that support to display shortcodes via widgets.

  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin.
  • Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Unlimited Accordion.

You can create unlimited accordion by accordions, this is based on the shortcode, each accordions has uniques ids, you can also use multiple accordions on the same page.

Responsive Design.

Accordions are responsive and mobile ready, it should work in all device. if you found any issue with responsive please contact our support to fix the issue.

Use Via Short-Codes.

We are using shortcode method to display accordions, you can display accordions under the page, post content or dynamically under theme file via PHP code.

Sort Accordion by Dragging

You can sort accordions section/header by dragging, you will see most of the accordion plugin doesn’t have this feature. this will help you sort any item without creating new accordion and save lots of time.

WP Editor for Accordion Content.

Most of the accordion allow edit accordion content by textarea field, we added WP Editor to edit accordion content, so you can edit content like editing post, page content, adding any type content will love you.

[PRO] 3rd Party Shortcodes Inside Accordion Content

You can use 3rd party shortcodes inside accordion content like you can display contact form 7 shortcode inside accordion content.

[PRO] Default Active Accordion

You can make active/open any accordion/header/section on page load.

[PRO] Multilevel or Nested Accordion

Multi level or nested accordion is avilable in our plugin, you can create unlimited multi level or nested accordion as you need.

[PRO] Click Header to Scroll Top

Click header to scroll top also available, that’s mean when user click on accordion header it will scroll top so for long content user won’t need scroll down to see content to view.

Active on Mouse Hover.

Instated of click you can also make accordion open/active on mouse hover.

Hide any accordion without deleting.

You can hide any section/accordion without deleting it, that’s mean for temporary some section may not need to display so you can hide without deleting from list.

Multi Background Color & Image Header

You can set a custom color or background image for each accordion header.

[PRO] Header Text Toggling

You can toggle text of accordion header when click, that’s mean header text will be changed after click on header.

[PRO] Search Accordion

User can search through accordion.

[PRO] Click Track Header

User click on header can be tracked by this plugin, this is useful to find user interested and provide the best content for them.

Highlighted Features

Here is some highlighted feature that make the plugin unique..

Custom Icons(Add your own icons)

You can add your own icons(font awesome icons) for accordions.

Drag & Drop Content Sorting

An awesome feature you can sort accordion content by drag & drop. sort any content an easy way.

WP Editor for Accordion Content

Edit accordion content with WP editor an awesome update feature added.

Custom Font Size & Color

Customize your accordion by adding your own color and font size for header and accordion content.

Multilevel Accordion

Create awesome multilevel accordion.

Vertical Tabs

Display vertical tabs.

Nested tabs

Display nested tabs unlimited level.

Active accordion

Creating active accordion is easy just select “active” radio button and save you can also make any item keep active on page load and you can reset active by click “Reset Active” button.

Remove any item

You can remove any accordion item by clicking “Remove” button.

Expand or Collapse All

Let you user expand or collapse accordion all together.

WooCommerce FAQ Tab

You can display accordion as WooCommerce product FAQ or Q&A tab

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